About Swedwire

Swedwire’s contribution to the development of society began back in 1917. Since then, the production of galvanized steel products has been done in the same place, near the harbour in the medieval city of Varberg, at the heart of Sweden’s west coast. Today, Swedwire has one of the world’s most modern, efficient, and environmentally friendly production facilities for galvanized steel products. Our customers are located all over the world.

Great flexibility

Flexibility is a keyword for Swedwire. Production is done according to all known standards, and deliveries are completely adapted to the customer’s wishes. Swedwire can handle large orders as well as smaller, special deliveries.

Reliable deliveries

Swedwire puts a great deal of effort into ensuring the precision of all deliveries. We collaborate with well-known partners with respect to logistics. Delivery times are often short, partly thanks to a flexible production facility, and partly due to good planning and stock-keeping of standard products.