Steel wires and strands for ACSR conductors

Manufactured according to costumer specification. Tensile strength up to 2000 N/mm².

Wire and strands can be produced according to any given standard with or without grease according to customer specifications.

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Galvanized steel wires

Singel wire high carbon FE140 (mm)

Singel wire low carbon FE60 (mm)

Avalible Zinc coating: 150–500 g/m²

Packing options wire
(lengths according to customer specifications)

Wooden drum
Steel drum
Z2 coil
Rosetta coil

Galvanized steel wire strands


Strand diameter

Constr.Min(mm) Max (mm) Preformed avalible
1x3 3,0 10,8 Yes
1x7 4,5 15,0 Yes
1x12 5,8 20,8 Yes
1x19 7,0 25,0 Yes
1x37 9,8 30,3 No
1x61 9,8 39,0 No
Available standards: EN, ASTM, DIN, NS, SS, BS, IEC, ISO

Packing options strands
(lengths according to customer specifications)

Wooden drum
Wooden cross
Playwoord drum