Road barrier rope / Cable barrier rope

Swedwire is the world leader in production of Road Barrier rope. The rope is galvanized with a zinc coating of minimum 488 g/m², and have a wire tensile strength of min. 1370 N/mm². The strand is pre-stressed to modulus of elasticity of 155 kN/mm².

Road barrier ropes is a main component of the Wire Rope Safety Barrier system (WRSB) which is used are used for traffic safety and saves 80 human lives per year in Sweden alone!

General specification
Product name: Road barrier rope 3x7 (Cable barrier ropes 3x7)
Ø 19 mm
Construction: 3x7, 3 individual strands
7 wires each
3 by 7 coreless
Nominal strand diameter: 19 mm
Nominal wire diameter: 3 mm
Technical specification
Zinc coated steel wire rope: ASTM A 741-11
Galvanized according to: ASTM B 498, class B
(>488 g/m²)
Min breaking load: 17 700 kg
Min tensile strength: 1370 N/mm²
Pre-stretched force: 88 kN
Min modulus of elasticity: 155 kN/mm²
Packing options

Wooden drum lengths according to customer specification.

Tensile strength test on rope